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Coming from the NY area, we missed the original East Coast Italian Ices. Surprisingly, we couldn’t find them anywhere in sunny California.

We got an idea. Why not make Italian Ices on the West Coast, but make them THE BEST by adding real fruit. After all, California is the Number One fruit producer for the country.


Our Italian Ices start with an East Coast sensibility. Then we add our original recipe and Real Fruit & Juices. We only use the finest California fruits including our Lemons, Blood Oranges, Mangos, Strawberries and many more top quality fruits.


We set out to make the World’s Best Gourmet Italian Ices. And we succeeded. You can definitely taste the difference.

“It’s in the Ice”

Our tag line says it all: the flavor is in the Ice.
We are not a shaved Ice. Taste the real fruit. Enjoy!

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